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19th-Feb-2009 10:58 pm - A1GP Calendar
What on earth is going on with the calendar this year..

Mugello is dumped as the opening round. Kind of understandable as there weren't enough cars built for it, but a shame for it to miss that venue.

Indonesia is dropped a month or so out as the circuit could not get necessary permissions from FIA.

The race in Mexico is apparently to be held at the same date and venue as a Coldplay concert, and is so tentatively scheduled for a week later.

The FIA release the calendar of events stating the season finale will be at Interlagos in Brazil, though no A1GP officials have commented on this, and it is not mentioned in any official documents that have been made public.

The race in Mexico has just recently been quietly cancelled. "A1GP Mexico City will no longer take place on 20-22 March, and as soon as A1GP receives the necessary FIA approval a new date will be announced." [source here]

Is it too much to ask for a little transparency, so fans (and teams) know wtf is going on?
26th-Feb-2008 11:38 am - Michael Ammermuller..
"I always get the worst penalty..."

I'm having trouble believing this guy. When he tried the same move, three times in Malaysia, and collided with someone every single time, I thought 'what an idiot'. I'm all for seeing opportunities and taking them. but not learning from a stupid mistake you made like five laps ago.. what the hell.

Just in case you haven't seen the Durban race, I suppose I'll cut this (and suggest you don't click the link)... Read more...Collapse )

What do you guys think about his antics?
6th-Feb-2007 01:38 pm - A1GP Taupo photos
evil monkey
A1GP Taupo 07 photosCollapse )

Just a few photos from the Taupo event.
18th-Jan-2007 01:32 am - Latest Press Release...
Vettel 3

The A1GP Brazil, due to run on 18 March 2007, has been withdrawn from the World Cup of Motorsport's 2006/07 season calendar following a delay in securing a local terrestrial television partner to provide nation-wide coverage of the series.

A1GP representative and seat holder of A1 Team Brazil, Emerson Fittipaldi said: 'A1GP has decided to withdraw the Brazilian race from this season's calendar as it has taken longer than expected to secure free-to-air television coverage of the series within the market. A1 Team Brazil and A1GP have been working for some time to secure a wider-reaching television package to support our cable coverage in Brazil, ensuring that all Brazilian fans can follow the series that is conquering millions of followers around the world. We look forward to announcing final details shortly, after which, we will be able to ensure a successful race in Brazil and treat the Brazilian public to the full extent of the A1GP excitement.'

A1GP chief executive officer, Pete da Silva added: 'Every A1GP race is watched by an average of eight million viewers in more than 150 countries through our network of international television partners. Strong television coverage has proved vital when building consumer support for A1GP and ultimately drawing crowds to an event.

'Over the past months, A1GP has worked closely with the city of Rio de Janiero, the Jacaregagua circuit and the CBA to ensure the venue is fully equipped to host a round of our series. Both parties have been hugely supportive in this respect and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their work. However, as a new business, in its second season of racing, it is important that we put full consideration into every aspect of an event to ensure its viability and success. At this stage, without the support of a terrestrial television partner on board in advance of the event, A1GP has taken the decision to withdraw the Brazilian race from this season's calendar.'
24th-Dec-2006 05:23 pm(no subject)
evil monkey
Photos from Team NZ tourCollapse )

To all the New Zealanders out there, I expect to see you at Taupo in January in your team colours that you can get from any Rebel Sport store.
8th-Dec-2006 12:36 pm - Sentul – Practice News
Vettel 3
Sentul – Practice NewsCollapse )

Can I just say "Go, Olly!" and I'm also delighted to see that Swerve hasn't lost his touch either!
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