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A1 Grand Prix discussion
A1GP Calendar 
19th-Feb-2009 10:58 pm
What on earth is going on with the calendar this year..

Mugello is dumped as the opening round. Kind of understandable as there weren't enough cars built for it, but a shame for it to miss that venue.

Indonesia is dropped a month or so out as the circuit could not get necessary permissions from FIA.

The race in Mexico is apparently to be held at the same date and venue as a Coldplay concert, and is so tentatively scheduled for a week later.

The FIA release the calendar of events stating the season finale will be at Interlagos in Brazil, though no A1GP officials have commented on this, and it is not mentioned in any official documents that have been made public.

The race in Mexico has just recently been quietly cancelled. "A1GP Mexico City will no longer take place on 20-22 March, and as soon as A1GP receives the necessary FIA approval a new date will be announced." [source here]

Is it too much to ask for a little transparency, so fans (and teams) know wtf is going on?
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